How to use this site

The purpose of the app is to create better and more robust dataset that will help automatically identify and delineate irregular settlements. The application will ask users to quickly identify if a particular image has a potential to contain an irregular settlement. The images are satellite images for different cities in different years. The purpose of this is not to pinpoint exactly where an informal settlement is located, or exactly how many there are in each image.

While the images included for the training set below are confirmed to contain or not contain informal settlements, most of the images in this set have not been identified one way or another. Therefore, the user’s interpretation of what they see in each image is important, and we are interested in feedback for each image.

Examples of known informal settlements

These pictures contain known informal settlements. Included with each image are the factors that make these settlements recognizable.

  • Small, irregularly spaced structures
  • Next to a highway
  • Small, irregularly spaced structures
  • Smaller, cramped structures
  • Varying roof sizes and shapes
  • Small structures in comparison to surrounding buildings
  • Built around narrow alleyway compared to surrounding streets
  • Small, irregularly spaced structures
  • Next to main road
  • No similar structures nearby
  • Different roof materials
  • Building-dense area
  • Small, irregularly-spaced structures compared to surrounding buildings

Images with no informal settlements

Here are some sample images with no informal settlements present. Note that these images are characterized by regularity and alignment, as opposed with the patchwork-like images containing settlements

  • Clearly spaced and clearly distinguishable structures of similar height
  • All structures evenly spaced and sized
  • No small structures near road edge
  • Farmland, no cramped or oddly spaced structures
  • Structures evenly spaced and of similar heights, no small structures visible near road
  • Clearly spaced and lined structures, small roads visible, all of similar size and height